Robert Nathan Davis

I suffered with a lifelong, debilitating, chronic Depression, complete with constant suicidal thoughts, lethargy, and hopelessness.

On top of that, I was also a loser. Big-time. I had a lousy, pathetic philosophy and a grasping, me-me-me, complainy pants personality.

My life was a disaster.

I explored everything that’s supposed to help with Depression: meditation, exercise, therapy, and just about anything else you could think of. Many things made me feel better, but nothing stopped the Depression, including antidepressants.

When I did finally cure my Depression — by combining several methods and techniques together on my own — I found that most of what I studied and explored over the years contained nuggets of life-changing wisdom that, like a trail of breadcrumbs, led to goldmines of subconscious power.

After the Depression was gone, I still had to fix the major problem, obstacle, and demon in my life: ME.

For every challenge, I had plenty of excuses and people to blame — like most people, I let myself off the hook and refused to take responsibility for who I was, what I was doing, and where I was headed.

And after a bout of homelessness in 2008, I knew one thing for certain: I had to take the wheel and start actively driving toward my destiny… or else.

It was time to use this subconscious power by applying patience, discipline, curiosity about the universe, and courage. And I had to learn how to be curious, patient, disciplined, and courageous — because, by default, I was none of these things. For most of my life, I was the dead opposite.

One of my paintings, “Seduction”

In the process of curing myself of loser-itis, I developed an entire system of life transformation and a methodology behind it that could be adapted for anyone and achieve dramatic results in a relatively short amount of time. I learned the secret of the subconscious — it is the well of our true power as creative beings. And I learned how to use it.


Today, I paint, write, make music, design games, design companies, seek out interesting and challenging work whenever I want to learn new skills and challenge myself, and can socialize with almost anyone without fear, guilt, or awkwardness. I read 1-3 books per week, develop skills faster than at any other point in my life, and have unlimited energy whenever I want it. I live without self-conscious self-censoring, making jokes with strangers and even singing and dancing when I walk around. Even after a day filled with 12 hours of labor, I’m still crushing it with a smile on my face. And I’m married to a woman who is brilliant and ambitious and successful; every day, I get to be part of a winning team!

Even on bad days (there’s no cure for these), I LOVE MY LIFE. That’s a far cry from when I was sad, miserable, lethargic, lazy, cynical, nihilistic, and timid.

And I don’t say the above to brag about myself. I say it because YOU CAN HAVE THE EXACT SAME LEVEL OF RESULTS.

But in your style. On your schedule. In your unique rhythm.

It’s not luck. Most of my life was a shit show, right up until I decided to stop believing in luck and start designing the life I want.

I design lives. It’s what I do.

Contact me to design a life for you.

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